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Green Building Plans


The Green Home Source Philosophy:

At Green Home Source, we're constantly thinking about what we as individuals and as a company can do to live more sustainably. We are bombarded daily with news articles about the impending climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, pollution, oil spills, and other stories about how we're impacting the natural environment.

All of this bad news can be depressing, but we are inspired by the winds of change that are in the air.

Hope, Not Hopelessness

Here at Green Home Source, we understand the feelings of desperation and hopelessness over the state of the natural world. But we also see tremendous opportunities to start making changes in our personal lives that, when coupled with the efforts of millions of other like-minded people, can lead to widespread change in our relationship with the planet.

We have a simple philosophy: if we all do something, no matter how small, we can do a lot. A sustainable future benefits us all, but we feel it doesn't need to be an 'all-or-nothing' approach as preached by many in the green design movement. Building a 100% green home that is as efficient and sustainable as technology current allows is a great goal to work towards, but it's not the only option.

Our goal is to supply you, the potential home builder or consumer, with the best information in order to get the most environmental benefit for your own personal situation as possible in return for the greatest and fastest return on your financial investment. Our custom homes are designed the same way: to give the homeowner a highly-functional home built with durability, efficiency, and sustainability at the forefront.

While building a green home that spares no expense is a dream for many, for many of us it isn't a possibility. Financial constraints are a reality of life, and by taking things one step at a time, as money and time allow, the result is a gradual greening of your entire life. After all, you wouldn't start training for the olympics by jumping up and running a full marathon; you would start small and work your way up to your eventual goal. That's the Green Home Source way; by picking the low-hanging fruit first, your home and lifestyle gradually become more efficient, less wasteful, and have much lower impacts on the world around us.

The green lifestyle to us is also about improving our quality of life, not making it more difficult. If something is going to make life harder, even if it makes it cleaner, you probably won't stick with it. Changing your lightbulbs from incandescents to CFL or LED bulbs is easy, and sees great environmental dividends; washing your dirty laundry by hand uses less energy, but realistically probably isn't going to happen.

Living a greener lifestyle should be more about a positive attitude than banning 'bad' things or practices. Again, starting small to gain a feel for something new is all you need to do. Plant one vegetable this year, see how it goes, then next year plant two; learning new things as you go and moving gradually forward prevents great leaps backwards!

Working Together, We All Gain

Perhaps most importantly, Green Home Source is not in the business of preaching or scolding. Often, we are told that something we are doing is 'wrong.' Education is critical, and that is our goal. But not lecturing. A stern talking-to about how you're not being 'green' enough will never work, and will likely backfire. It's not about being better than somebody else, it's about all of us working and learning together to make positive change now and for the future. We strive to lead by our examples, and to be gently encouraging and reassuring, but never condescending to anyone who doesn't share our enthusiasm for issues of sustainability.

As we continue to grow, we hope you'll follow along with us. We are a young company, but we are dedicated and experienced in the field of sustainable design. We are looking forward to continuing to provide information and tips on how to live as sustainably as possible. Please, take some time and look around. There's always something new; great new energy-saving products, or easy-to-understand information on living your life more in-tune with nature! And feel free to contact us directly if you'd like more information on how we can design the perfect green home of your dreams.